Rasa-Lila Fest: Play, Dance, Love

Rasa-Lila Fest 2015
November 6-7 | 16901 Boy Scout Rd 
Odessa, Florida 33556

About us...

Rasa-Lila Fest is an annual wellness celebration held in a rustic lakeside campground location 30 minutes from Tampa, FL. This family-friendly event brings together experiences of yoga, movement, meditation, dance, SUP and other wellness offerings that bring a holistic approach to the experience of living a life with joy. Come join us and feel why our motto is Play, Dance, Love.

Speakers and Teachers

We offer a full line-up of mostly local teachers and wellness speakers. They are chosen becuase they are leaders in their area of expertise and have something useful to share on how to live a balanced lifestyle.  Click to see full list.

Sponsors & Vendor Opporunities

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