Rasa-Lila Fest: Play, Dance, Love

Rasa-Lila Fest 2015
November 6-7 | 16901 Boy Scout Rd 
Odessa, Florida 33556

About us...

Rasa-Lila Fest is an annual wellness celebration held in a rustic lakeside campground location 30 minutes from Tampa, FL. This family-friendly event brings together experiences of yoga, movement, meditation, dance, SUP and other wellness offerings that bring a holistic approach to the experience of living a life with joy. Come join us and feel why our motto is Play, Dance, Love.

Speakers and Teachers

We offer a full line-up of mostly local teachers and wellness speakers. They are chosen becuase they are leaders in their area of expertise and have something useful to share on how to live a balanced lifestyle.  Click to see full list.

Sponsors & Vendor Opporunities

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Kathy Alves
Kathy Alves created a new event

Hatha Basics

Yoga to balance body, mind and spirit. Uplift your soul; reenergize! All levels welcome. $10 9:30 am to 10:45 am Bring your mat Rutilio Court is located off Congress or Orchid Lake Drive (depending upon what direction you choose to enter).

Martha Loyd
Martha Loyd

is it permissible to sleep in your car? and would the location of parking be shady and quiet?